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The Original
Phone of the Wind

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Itaru Sasaki was able to salvage his phone booth and relocate it on a windy hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the foot of the Kujira-Yama, next to the town of Otsuchi. He welcomed mourners to visit his phone booth to make calls to their friends and relatives lost in the great tsunami, hoping they would find a connection to help them cope with their grief as it did him. 

The Phone of the Wind is a shrine mindfully created to connect people to their loved ones on the other side. It is one of the world's most powerful resilience sites. Grievers travel from around the world to "call" their loved ones in spirit, to say the things they didn't get a chance to say while the person was living. It is a place that offers the peace and solitude grievers need to work through their pain. Itaru Sasaki has inspired the creation of many beautiful spaces all over the world with the sole purpose of holding space for a griever. One where the wind will carry their words to those they love who have gone ahead. 

The Wind Phone in the  Garden of Bell Gardia is managed solely by Sasaki Itaru and his wife. They depend on a charitable foundation that supports the area. To donate, please visit their official website for further information.


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Click on the pictures to go to visit the Bell Gardia Kujirayama website. 

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