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Voices of Visitors

Words can not express my gratitude to the person who put up a wind phone in Hudson Crossing Park (NY).  I’m going to bring my brother back so he too may experience a little peace after calling our mom.

~Alexa J.

We found a telephone of the wind over the weekend at the Life Forest in New Hampshire; we are all still talking about it a days later.

~Brandon W. 

This was life-changing.  I  lost my best friend a few years ago, and nothing’s been the same.  I called her on the Wind Phone, and I felt like someone threw me a lifeline. I told her everything I hadn’t been able to say to anyone since she’s been gone.  More than anything, I realized that she’s still with me and I can still talk to her Thank you for the space to embrace my grief.

~Donna. L

I think the wind phones that are showing up in the world are teaching us all that it’s okay to grieve and that pain and loss are real. I’ve never “gotten over” or “moved on” from my mother’s loss, and I know now that’s okay.  I’ll keep calling her until the day I die.

~Paul  D.

When I felt like I could not go on,  could not tread water anymore, I found a wind phone in Maryville, Tennessee. Thank you  Grandview Cemetery.

~Elizabeth G.

I have hope after making a wind phone call. Maybe I’m not as alone as I feel. Maybe my sister is still with me.  Do you think? Thank you to the person who put the wind phone up at Princeton University.

~Teresa G.

I wanted to reach out to you guys and tell you how beautiful my Wind Phone experience was in Ohio.  I stumbled upon the wind phone and felt a bit crazy dialing my mom until I didn’t, and I got to tell her I love her.  I haven’t felt connected to her since she died in 2016 like I did today. Thanks for that.

~Marlene, S.

I found a Telephone of the Wind because of @mywindphone. Thank you for all you're doing for others. 

~Kathy P.

I stumbled upon My Wind Phone.  It's such an invaluable and special site. The locator tool helped me find a wind phone near me, so I'm appreciative. Thank you for all the hours you obviously put in to help others. 

~John E.

Having a place to talk with my son, Jamie, who died in a car accident in May of 2022, has been comforting.  I highly recommend locating one if your grieving.

~Samuel H

Went to Nashville and checked out the wind phone in East Nashville. We recently lost our daughter to Covid Oct 21. This gave us, me, a different avenue to try to come to terms with our loss. This is an amazing concept. I love it. And will be creating one in Southern Alabama. It helped me tremendously. And I appreciate the effort that was taken to build it. It was a long trip, but worth it. Highly recommend folks check them out.

~Brian & Nancy  D.

I found a Telephone of the Wind because of @mywindphone. Thank you for all you're doing for others. 

~Kathy P.


I'd love your help!

I depend on creators, stewards, and visitors to help me provide the most up-to-date information about Wind Phones, such as location insights, updates, and any changes.  This helps others looking to visit Wind Phones and send their words on the wind. Please share your experience and any pictures you may have taken while visiting a Wind Phone. 

I truly appreciate your help!

~ Amy

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