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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wind Phone?

A Wind Phone is connected to nowhere and everywhere at once. It's where those grieving can connect with their loved ones who died, letting their words be carried through the wind. Wind Phones are profoundly powerful as a source of comfort, hope, and support. Learn more here.

How can I find My Wind Phone near me?

Use the My Wind Phone map. I have a mobile app coming soon.

How do I contact the creator/steward of the Wind Phone in my area?

Look to see if there is the contact information for the Wind Phone under the Map on our website. You might also look on the sign/poster left by the Wind Phone for a contact; often, people add their social media account address where you can reach out. Feel free to contact me;

I may have the person's information and will forward yours to them.

Why is a Wind Phone in my area that is not listed on the Map?

Creators/Stewards choose to share their locations on the My Wind Phone map. It will not be found on our Map if they don't wish to or decide to remove their site marker.

Can I install a Wind Phone on public property?

Please contact your town/city for prior approval.

If I build a Wind Phone on private property, do I need to get permission from my neighbors?

It's always best to ensure that your town doesn't have laws requiring permits, etc. Of course, being considerate of your neighbors/community is important.

Do I need to list my Wind Phone on the Map?

No, of course not. We’d sure love to have you. It's totally up to you.

Do I have to list my contact information on the Map when I list my Wind Phone?

You have the choice to share your name and email or not when you list your Wind Phone's location on the Map. I recommend considering creating an email specifically for your Wind Phone; it's helpful to provide one in case visitors want to reach out to you.

I can't afford to build a Wind Phone; do you have ideas?

There are many amazing people and resources out there who may be willing to help. Reach out for help in your community, such as a local carpenter, a community center, youth group, or various clubs (ELKS, 4-H, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, VFW, etc.) There are ways to create one yourself, even if you aren't handy; if you'd like to brainstorm, please contact me.

If you don't see your question, Please reach out, and I'd be happy to help!

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