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Featured Wind Phone - Keswick, Ontario

There is a unique story behind each Wind Phone that is best told by its creator and/or steward. No one can tell it the way they can, so to that end, the format for Featured Wind Phone stories is to share the creator/steward's responses to the interview questions verbatim in their own voice. Sharing our stories helps us to connect and heal and may inspire someone else to create or visit a Wind Phone.



This week's Featured Phone is in Keswick, Ontario; Lisa Snow shared this beautiful Wind Phone created by Oasis Bereavement and placed in a peaceful cemetery in Keswick, Ontario.

There are numerous grief resources on their website Resources | Oasis Bereavement. Thank you, Oasis, for sharing your Wind Phone with us and creating this space for grief.


Where is your Wind Phone located?

Keswick, Ontario

Keswick Cemetery – Scattering Garden

565 Varney Road

Keswick, ON

L4P 3G1

What year and month did you place your Wind Phone at this location?

The Wind Phone was installed in November 2023 and was officially unveiled during a ceremony with Oasis, the Mayor of Georgina and members of council, and community members on Monday, December 11, 2023.

Why did you choose this location?

We knew this location was perfect for a wind phone as soon as we saw it. It is next to a very peaceful, serene, and scenic scattering garden at a small town-owned cemetery in a rural setting. We were able to partner with the Town of Georgina to organize the installation, which has now been incorporated into their Parks master plan for long term sustainability.


Is your Wind Phone dedicated or in memory of someone special?

Our Wind Phones are not dedicated to any one individual in particular. It is intended to provide support to all who grieve. 

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of creating a Wind Phone?

Selecting a location takes careful consideration. We have opted to work with municipalities to help establish a network to maintain the phone set ups. We also were lucky to find very talented volunteers who were able to masterfully build the enclosure. We hope to install a total of 5 Wind Phones in the York Region area by the end of 2024.


Additional Information

Oasis is a volunteer-run charitable organization offering an online resource hub serving York Region. Oasis’s mission is to help all members of the York Region community navigate their grief journey by providing a central network of safe and valuable resources and support.



I'd love to feature your phone! You can find all the information here to submit your Wind Phone.

Please Note: Visiting a Wind Phone location is at your own risk. We (My Wind Phone) cannot and do not assume any responsibility for your visit. See our Terms and Conditions.


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