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Featured Wind Phone ~Green Valley, Arizona

There is a unique story behind each Wind Phone that is best told by its creator and/or steward. No one can tell it the way they can, so to that end, the format for Featured Wind Phone stories is to share the creator/steward's responses to the interview questions verbatim in their own voice. Sharing our stories helps us to connect and heal and may inspire someone else to create or visit a Wind Phone. However, our creator would like to remain anonymous this week, of course I respect that. To that end, I want to share an overview of this stunning Wind Phone. 


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As I gaze upon this Wind Phone, I am captivated by its sheer beauty.  The intricacies of its design are nothing short of breathtaking.  The act of sitting on the white stool, dialing the phone, and peering up through a circular opening in the roof to the vast sky above must evoke a sense of wonder and connection like no other. 

When the creator shared his Wind Phone with me, he revealed that he had embarked on its construction during the tumultuous times of COVID, completing it in 2022. This magnificent Wind Phone is a testament to the resilience and creativity that can emerge from even the most challenging of circumstances. The creator shared that it was 'not built in memory of any one person but inspired after hearing a podcast about Itaru's Wind Phone." This Wind Phone is named The de Anza Wind Phone. I want to thank our creator for giving us this dedicated space for grief, where the wind will take our words to the ones we love.



Where is your Wind Phone located?

Location is 3/4 mile north of E Continental Road and 100 yards south of Haven Golf Course on the historic De Anza Trail along side of the Santa Cruz River.  A nice way to approach it is by parking at the Desert Meadows Park, 999 S La Huerta, Green Valley, AZ, and walking 3/8 mile north along the De Anza Trail.


What year and month did you place your Wind Phone at this location?


featured wind phone, telephone of the wind, wind phone, my wind phone, green valley arizona

featured wind phone, wind phone, my wind phone, telephone of the wind

telephone of the wind, wind phone, my wind phone, featured wind phone, green valley arizona


I'd love to feature your phone! You can find all the information here to submit your Wind Phone.

Please Note: Visiting a Wind Phone location is at your own risk. We (My Wind Phone) cannot and do not assume any responsibility for your visit. See our Terms and Conditions.


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