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Featured Wind Phone ~ Roseneath, Ontario

Telephone of the wind or Wind Phone

This week's Featured Phone is located in Roseneath, Ontario; Emily Johnson created this beautiful phone for her husband, in honor of his father, Joseph “Dale” Johnson. Thank you, Emily, for sharing the story of your phone with us.

Weekly, I shine a light on the story of a beautifully created and placed Wind Phone. Sharing our stories makes a difference because it's in doing so that we connect and heal. To not cloud the Wind Phone creator's message, the format for Featured Phones is to share their answers to the interview questions verbatim.


Where is your Wind Phone located?

Woodland Trailhead, Roseneath, Ontario. First left onto the new trail and it will be up on the left near the 2nd bend

Why did you choose this location?

After talking with Northumberland County Forestry Department, we decided this new trail would help the wind phone get the most use. Once finished, it will be wheelchair/stroller accessible and have benches along the path as well as beside the wind phone. The trails in our area have become something we love to do with our dogs almost every weekend, so I knew I wanted it to be on one of the trails close to our home.

What year and month did you place your Wind Phone at this location?

June 2023

Is your Wind Phone dedicated or in memory of someone special?

I built this Wind Phone for my husband, in honor of his father, Joseph “Dale” Johnson.

My husband turned 30 in June 2023 and leading up to his birthday he began to talk more and more about wishing he could talk to his dad and tell him how he has overcome SO much, and how he has built a life for himself and our family. My husband has worked so hard to become a man that his dad would he SO proud of. The Wind Phone was the closest I could get to making his birthday wish come true.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of creating a Wind Phone?

Tell people in your community about it! I received so many offers for help and stories from people who would want to use it. Tragedy touches everyone’s lives at some point, more people than you know would love to help build a Wind Phone.

Telephone of the Wind
Telephone of the Wind in Roseneath, Ontario



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