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Featured Wind Phone ~ Tybee Island, Georgia

Telephone of the Wind also called a wind Phone

This week's Featured Phone is located on Tybee Island, Georgia; Jacilyn Ledford and Mike Marone created this beautiful phone, and as they note below, “not for any one person.” I had not heard of Tybee Island; now, I can’t wait to visit. Thank you, Jacilyn and Mike, for sharing the story of your phone with us.

Weekly, I shine a light on the story of a beautifully created and placed Wind Phone. Sharing our stories makes a difference because it's in doing so that we connect and heal. To not cloud the Wind Phone creator's message, the format for Featured Phones is to share their answers to the interview questions verbatim.


Where is your Wind Phone located?

Tybee Island, Georgia

921 US Highway 80 Tybee Island, GA 31328

The Wind Phone is located beneath the teal home space along the marsh. Folks can show up or call ahead of time to ensure the space is reserved for them.

Why did you choose this location?

The marsh area of Tybee Island is rich with activity and lots of life happening in front of you. Osprey, Heron, and Crane use this space in nature for nesting and fishing. Scores of fish shimmer beneath the water’s surface with an occasional breaking the water’s surface. This Wind Phone’s location is in a space of serenity and peace.

What year and month did you place your Wind Phone at this location?

In July 2022 we installed the Wind Phone.

Is your Wind Phone dedicated or in memory of someone special?

Our Wind Phone is not for any one person but for any person who needs to reach one person. Mike came across the idea of a Wind Phone and thought it would be a great idea to offer from the studio space that we run together. It has been great seeing the phone get used and often.

Do you have any advice for someone considering creating a Wind Phone?

Creating a safe place for someone to become vulnerable is invaluable.

Telephone of the Wind, Wind Phone

I'd love to feature your phone! You can find all the information here to submit your Wind Phone.

Please note that visiting a Wind Phone location is at your own risk. We (My Wind Phone) cannot and do not assume responsibility for your visit. See our Terms and Conditions. here to submit your Wind Phone.


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