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Featured Wind Phone ~ Vermilion, Ohio

This week's Featured Phone is located in Vermilion, Ohio. Jody Booker created this beautiful phone in memory of her mom, Darlene.

I can only hope that I leave such a beautiful legacy behind for my children that they create something so meaningful in my memory. Be sure to read Jody's valuable advice to those considering creating a Wind Phone! Thank you, Jody, for sharing the story of your phone with us.

Weekly, I shine a light on the story of a beautifully created and placed Wind Phone. Sharing our stories makes a difference because it's in doing so that we connect and heal. To not cloud the Wind Phone creator's message, the format for Featured Phones is to share their answers to the interview questions verbatim.


Where is your Wind Phone located?

Sherod Park

13406 W. Lake Road

Vermilion, Ohio 44089

Why did you choose this location?

Darlene’s Wind Phone is located on the shores of Lake Erie. Darlene loved the water. She loved swimming, boating, beaches, and sunsets. She also loved children. She dedicated her life to her 2 children and 3 grandchildren. She was the best mother and grandmother anyone could dream of having. The park where Darlene’s Wind Phone is located is separated by a tiny creek. From Darlene’s Wind Phone, you can hear children playing at the city’s largest public playground on the other side of the creek. You can hear boats on the water and smell suntan lotion in the air. It has perfect views of the sun rising and setting. On a windy day, standing at Darlene’s Wind Phone is magical!

What year and month did you place your Wind Phone at this location?

September 2022

Is your Wind Phone dedicated or in memory of someone special?

It is dedicated to Darlene Booker. My mom and best friend. Darlene liked to talk. She was born with the “gift to gab”. She talked to everyone. There were times I thought she and her friend Burnease had spent the entire day on the phone. If she were standing where her phone was and someone needed to talk, she would sit down and spend as much time with them as they needed. She would love her phone is do just that. It’s keeping the spirit of her love and kindness alive!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of creating a Wind Phone?

I believe that when installed with love, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a fancy booth, has an expensive phone, or has a perfect backdrop. It’s about being available for those that need it. Don’t be afraid to ask your local city if the phone can be installed in a park. It helps when the park isn’t in a very heavy traffic area. Privacy is important.

Is there anything you’d like to share that I didn’t think of asking?

There are 2 things.

1. What I want visitors to Darlene’s Wind Phone to know ahead of time.

When you go to the phone, if you go with others, spend a couple of minutes on the phone alone. It’s okay to ask those who came with you to enjoy the lake views while you make your call. There are lots of seats and benches nearby. It’s your time, and if you have some private time, it makes the experience much different.

Remember, the phone isn’t operated on religious belief, education, or science. It is powered by your imagination and the wind!

2. Darlene, even when going through chemo and fighting for her life, always managed to be the rock for our family. Most importantly, she never judged. She loved everyone and looked past their flaws to see the good in them. Darlene’s Wind Phone isn’t just for those suffering from grief. There is another side of death that we hope Darlene’s Wind Phone can assist with. With this mixed-up, crazy world, there are many people suffering from depression and fighting with suicidal thoughts. There are times when sadness, secrets, problems, and mistakes become overwhelming. Often, when this horrible disease kicks in, the person suffering doesn’t want to burden friends and family. They don’t want to share secrets or hurt others with their thoughts, or even be judged. It is always best to seek medical help if you can or use a real phone to call 988. If those things are not an option, remember Darlene's Wind Phone. You can go and unload all of your problems on a wisp of wind, and they will be carried away, judgment-free!


I'd love to feature your phone! You can find all the information here to submit your Wind Phone.

Please note that visiting a Wind Phone location is at your own risk. We (My Wind Phone) cannot and do not assume responsibility for your visit. See our Terms and Conditions. here to submit your Wind Phone.


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