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From Mourning to Light Grief Summit

This is a free online event from January 17-27, 2024.

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Is your grief making you feel like you will never be happy again? Are you allowing yourself to grieve in a healthy way, or do you feel lost and alone? I understand, I do. 


Please join me in attending the free Mourning to Light Grief Summit; it will help you on your grief journey. This is an eleven-day online event from January 17-27, 2024, consisting of informal conversations with twenty-three grief professionals. They will share multiple and diverse tools that have helped grievers build their lives in meaningful and unique ways after having experienced the death of their loved ones. It was my honor to share my grief journey as a speaker for the Mourning to Light Grief Summit and how Wind Phones have made a difference in my and the lives of many grievers.


Here is how it works. Two 30-minute interviews will be emailed each day from January 17-27.2024. At the end of the eleven days, you can catch up on any you may have missed or rewatch them. I want to remind everyone that this event is free. Please join us and share with anyone you feel may benefit from learning more about navigating their way through grief.

telephone of the wind, wind phone, my wind phone, grief support, grief tools


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