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My Wind Phone

"Let the wind take your words."




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Years of Experience

The Original
Telephone of the Wind

Created by Itaru Sasaki

The Phone of the Wind was created in Japan by its creator, Itaru Sasaki, while grieving his cousin who died of cancer. He purchased an old-fashioned phone booth and set it up in his garden. He installed an obsolete rotary phone not connected to wires or any "earthly system." Here, Itaru felt a continued connection to his cousin and found comfort and healing amid his grief. Itaru gave his phone booth a name, Kaze No Denwa (風の電話), translated as The Telephone of the Wind.


The following year, in 2011, an earthquake (9.1 magnitude) resulted in a tsunami with 30-foot waves that obliterated the coast of Japan, destroying entire towns and taking thousands of lives. Many were swept out to sea, and their bodies never recovered. The city of Ōtsuchi is recorded with the highest number of missing persons. The tsunami's catastrophic ocean waves destroyed the town; its people were left in ruins by the tsunami of grief thrust upon them.

Photo Credit:  Kiyomi Noguchi

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This is Our Story

My name is Amy Dawson. I’m the mother of three amazing children; two walk on Earth, and one dances in Heaven. Well, that’s how I imagine my youngest, anyway, staring in her amazing TikTok's and holding the top spot on Heaven’s leaderboard. Emily (affectionately known as Em or Emmy, but only if she liked you) died on April 2, 2020, at 25 years old, following a prolonged illness.  I choose not to share the details; Em’s death will never define her beautiful, vibrant life. Although we were told she would not survive and she died in hospice care, nothing could have prepared me for the total devastation of being in this world without her.

Dear Friends,
This website is a labor of love; I receive immeasurable gratification working on it, deepening my connection with my youngest daughter. I hope we can build this community by sharing our Wind Phones with others across the United States and the world.

My wish is that your path leads you to a
Telephone of the Wind as you walk with grief, a place where the wind will take your words to the ones you love who have walked ahead.

Wind Phone @goosefieldswindphone

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This is a Telephone of the Wind or Wind Phone in Rhode Island. It can be located at
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