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Featured Wind Phone ~ Danville, California

telephone of the wind, wind phone

There is a unique story behind each Wind Phone that is best told by its creator and/or steward. No one can tell it the way they can so to that end, the format for the Featured Wind Phone stories is to share the creator/steward’s responses to the interview questions verbatim, in their voice.  Sharing our stories helps us to connect, heal, and may inspire someone else to create or visit a Wind Phone. 



This week's Featured Phone is in Danville, California; Lori created this beautiful Wind Phone inspired by her nephew Bobby Carter and placed at the Peace Lutheran Church where they have a labyrinth and walking meditation path. On the Peace Lutheran's website they eloquently describe the path in this way. "This walking meditation path gently leads people into a Peace Journey. Walkers are grateful for the calm and clarity they experience. Friends, from all spiritual traditions, appreciate a mindful spirit while walking to the center and gazing on the interfaith affirmation of the Peace Mosaic. Enjoy renewing your awareness with life and the Mystery." Labyrinth - Peace Lutheran Church (

Thank you, Lori, for sharing your story and allowing me to shine a light on your Wind Phone.



Where is your Wind Phone located?

Peace Lutheran Church.3201 Camino Tassajara Danville, CA 94506


What year and month did you place your Wind Phone at this location?

October 2023. Very new..


Why did you choose this location?

We have many interfaith events at our church. We come together with our Catholic, Buddhist, Episcopal, Muslim, Jewish, Bahai friends. We walk the labyrinth, have cultural celebrations and collect food for the local food bank. The phone is now a wonderful addition to the garden for all to use. Everyone grieves no matter who you are or who you worship.


Is your Wind Phone dedicated or in memory of someone special?

The inspiration for the wind phone was my nephew Bobby Carter who we lost too soon before his 45th birthday. He was full of life, loved his family and friends. He coached baseball and basketball and was a pillar of our community.


Do you have any advice for someone considering creating a Wind Phone?

If you are thinking of creating one you should do it. It is much needed in our communities.



I'd love to feature your phone! You can find all the information here to submit your Wind Phone.

Please note that visiting a Wind Phone location is at your own risk. We (My Wind Phone) cannot and do not assume responsibility for your visit. See our Terms and Conditions. here to submit your Wind Phone.




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